Ben Shapiro on Sam Harris podcast (link)


Haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but I know a lot of people have wanted Shapiro to conversate with Harris, so here it is. 



The link doesn’t work for me 


Listening now 

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The link doesn’t work for me 

Try this one...

I need to find this on Google Play.

Was good until they got into a rap battle about religion and they just started arguing in circles. It’s good they can have honest debate, but neither is going to ever change position on that topic.

Listen to it. But agreed it was 2 hours of arguing around in circles over religion. 


Want it some more political substance involved. Oh well. 



footlong sub

Will download it and listen later

I like Sam but nothing about his worldview or philosophy is "actionable" for lack of a better term.

Ben is Ben, always good but you basically know what you'll get from him on any given issue.

Eric is the most interesting guy out of the three, currently looking for more podcasts and talks with him exploring his ideas outside of Sam's rather narrow scope.


For later