Ben Shapiro on the CNN townhall




spot on, as always



RandomMan - spot on, as always


Fuck those punk ass kids and fuck CNN.

RandomMan - spot on, as always


junkyarddogg24 -

The kids are obviously very emotional but they’re being exploited by faggot CNN. When you saw the crew cut, dyke, Puerto Rican twat teen ask Dana Loesch a thought she’d get a fair shake?

While I won't slam the girl for being ugly, or her sexuality the attacks where disgusting. They don't want answers they want to blame someone. And CNN is exploiting them for an agenda. Dana Loesch was spot on when she said that 39 calls to police about the shooter and reports to the police of threats of violence or death were a total fail on the local police and sheriff departments. Of course the sheriff (a democrat) was quick to try and shout her down and blame the guns and lack of gun laws. He wasn't willing to address the fact that his department FAILED to do their job on several dozen occassions. Nikolas Cruz should NOT have had those weapons because he posed a threat of violence and there was plenty of evidence to support it. Fuck CNN and fuck that sheriff.