Bench Marking an AMD FX 53


AMD FX 53 (2400 MHz)

(2) Western Digital Raptor 10,000 RPM HDD's

1gb Kingston ECC Ram
(yes Kingston, had to go with it since customer would not wait and wanted PC ASAP and payed 150 air freight)

Geforce FX 5600 VIVO 128MB (not gaming PC, audio editing)

Enermax 450 Watt PS

X-Dreamer Alum Case

No Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor

$3099+ Tax

Performance Scores to Come

Testing with PC Mark 2004

killer rig dude. the cpu and hd's are sweeeeeeeeeet. I'm waiting for the 64 bit os to hit before taking the 64bit plunge but nice rig you put together anyways.

the video card is the bottle neck

here's a test, first pic if works

never did any tweaking just for the fact the guy spent 120 bux or more on air freight and if i fuck something up im FUCKED

first AMD 64 i had burned board up over clocking, but god damn i was getting some seriously badass scores

those scores are straight from teh box, dying to tweak but must have self control LOL

that video card killed the overall score though

and thankx gabora, i love this shit hehehe, to bad i dont have more time to play with it

nice system, but I can't see paying so much for air feight on RAM but eh, it's not my money.

2 quick questions, first of all are the 2 hard drives setup in RAID formation? Just wondering.

Also, if you don't mind me asking, what is it you do. You talk about building the system for the customer. Do you build custom PCs for people, or is this part of a business (or your business). Or is it just something you do, like this PC is for a family member or friend who asked you to build them a PC. Again, was just wondering

sicko, air was for teh entire PC, not Ram, that would be insane hehehe

ya i currently work for a security/computer company

in process of going out on my own but whole diff post

Raid, its suppose to be on Raid 0 i believe, if memory serves me correct

hah, I got bored and decided to run the test on my computer at home. It's an 800MHz AMD Thunderbird running at 950MHz, 256MB CS2 PC133 SDRAM, a GeForce4 MX 440 (PCI) graphfics card, and a 30gig 7200RPM Maxtor hard drive (2MB buffer).

My scores were:

PCMark Score: 1313

CPU Score: 1404

Memory Score: 842

Grpahics Score: 1711

HDD Score: 3285

LOL, I seriously need to get a new computer if I wanna play the next gen games that are about to come out. I was actually looking at getting one over the weekend, but I'm going to wait for the AMD 64's to come down in price just a bit more before I buy one, and I want a mobo with the new stuff that's coming out like PCI Express and what not, cause I hold onto my computers for a while. I'm going to run this test at work cause my work computer is even worst and see how poorly I do there. I know I need to replace this computer but I so don't want to, I don't know why but I really like my current computer, I just wish it was faster

i just checked, not on Raid 0, GOD DAMNIT, gotta fix that up tomorrow

at least now i got a another day to play with it

hehehe, y i should bench this work PC, its fucking shit

ur video card beat mine out sicko, what version of PC mark u run, 2004????

2004 Business Edition Version 1.2.0

That is weird, cause you have a better graphics card, did you install the latest drivers for it? Cause your card should be smoking mine. I thought maybe something was wrong with the test so I ran it twice, both times the numbers were about the same.

I'm so going to test my work computer tomorrow cause my computer at work was crappy when I first got it over 3 years ago. It's 466 Celeron (WOOHOO 66Mhz of FSB goodness), 128MB of RAM, integrated graphics, and a 10 gig hard drive. It sucks cause the new computers they give everyone are like 2.4-2.8GHz with 512 of RAM, 40 gig hard drives, CD-RWs, and with decent graphic cards. I need to "find" something wrong with my computer so I can request a new one

what was the real price that you paid.

3k is a lot.

he's canadian i believe so it's 3k canadian not us $$

fixed up the PC for Raid 0

here is the first Pic without Raid

then with Raid 0

then with raid 0 and few XP updates and Drivers

ya sicko, i dont understand that either

hope its not a lemon video card, doesnt matter

customer needs the cpu power, ram and hdd, video is not important

Im a Canadian Reseller Stephen

the ECC Ram thats in it is fucking expensive, like 500 600 bux, cant remember the exact price, cpu is like 14 15 00 and the hdd's were like 300, and then a few other components and then my markup and u have a $3000 PC

:-) fro exchange rate

ur American dollar sux at the moment, i just got a check from my sis for 1100 bux US, worth only 1440 canadian god damnit, ill wait a week or two before i cash it LOL, hope the canadian dollar drops alittle for a day

god damn Bush LOL

Jerkie, you should see if you can get some more points by tweaking the memory. If you've got CRONIC ram you should be able to tighten the ram timings if you haven't done so, sometimes you can get more performance doing that if you haven't done so:)

ttt for tighter ram timings if you still have the rig.

ya gab, i didnt have enough time to play, the guy came in and picked up the PC soon as i had it put o Raid 0

but i told him to bring it back in a week when he goes on vacation so i can adjust everything for him