Bench pressing

I'm far from being a heavy lifter in this department, but this article has helped me tremendously.

My bench REALLY sucked before this, now it just sucks. :P

Give it a try!



good article, thanks.

ttt for an awesome article

let me know how u guys are improving...

Thanks for the some sweet tips

Zero9- How did your results improve exactly? can you tell us weights?

A t-mag fan!! best site for training/diet info, hands down.

"Zero9- How did your results improve exactly? can you tell us weights?"

well, lol, I've said up there that my bench really sucked. I was lingering around 190 bench (1 rep max), but with those tips, about 2 months later I'm at 225.

interesting article. thanks for the post zero9.

no prob.

good article

If you guys liked that, Dave Tate has more articles at He's got on similar called like 'Top 10 Deadlifting Mistakes' or something like that. He's an awesome guy.. if you need equipment or anything, buy it from him.

EFS also has a great Q&A board on that site. Tons and tons of good training info..

Also check out articles by Louie Simmons.. you'll learn a bunch of shit. I still read them over and over when I'm stuck.

ttt for the info!

TTT! :)