Benching with board on chest?

I've noticed the hardcore bencher types (thick fuckers in bench shirts)using a board on their chest to bounce the bar off of. I just started seeing it this year, what is up with this?

The boards aren't to bounce off. They're to reduce the ROM and emphasize the top of the lift.

The shirt has the most action at the bottom and changes the dynamics of the lift. Rack presseds with the pins set at the same point could do the same thing, but the boards allow the bar to feel just like you're lifting it off the chest.

They've been at it for a long time, too. And, yes, it's pretty much only for powerlifters.

Thanks for the info, I knew the point of the board wasn't to bounce(some really bounce the bar others more controlled)but I wasn't sure what the guys actually got out of it.

Would you cycle this training with full ROM bench?


Board press is more of a 'transfer' exercise. Bar speed gets it off your chest, then you lockout it with strong triceps. Its also cool to get used to handling heavier loads.