Benefits from early morning running?

I have always done my running in the evening, but I am thinking about switching it to the morning because I like the idea of getting my body going early in the day and I want to see any differences it might have.

The thing is is that I have tried to run before in the morning but I wasn't any good at it. I am a morning person, usually up bright and early, but it seems to take a bit of time and moving around before my body really wakes up. I am wondering if that will change if I start running every morning.

I know one of the benefits to it is that your blood sugar is low, so you tend to burn more fat. Or at least that I what I heard. I've heard that from several sources. Despite that - and the the fact that it clearly makes sense - Machine May also said that, which tends to discredit it.

One thing I am slightly concerned about is that I do stretches/situps for 30-40 mins after running and I am concerned that I might start to weaken myself with the prolonged period without food combined with exercise. I think I will have to get the situps out of the way then start snacking while I am stretching.

Any thoughts?

A couple bowls of kid's cereal and whole wheat toast plus a glass of orange juice should be a good snack. Make sure to use soy milk. Animal fat is the worst thing you can put into your body. Phone Post

For real?

<blockquote>Eel - A couple bowls of kid's cereal and whole wheat toast plus a glass of orange juice should be a good snack. Make sure to use soy milk. Animal fat is the worst thing you can put into your body. <img src="/images/phone/apple.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>[/quote<br /><br />


^^^ I edited my reply above because the first try was a bit harsh.

Running before breakfast is good for when trying to maintain weight but keep it to 30mins. Taking BCAAs before the run will keep you from burning muscle. Keep in mind this should be used for weight management and not used as a workout, especially if you train later that day. The morning run shouldn't have a negative affect on your later workouts. Phone Post

I love running in the morning, going to work on a runner's high is amazing.

I hate working out in the morning, has been my main obstacle to multiple workouts a day my whole life (as opposed to 4 hours in the PM). I feel like a zombie with that shit.

All the serious runners I know do that shit though :(

Skip the calisthenics and just stretch directly after running, or after showering. Then eat your normal breakfast. Do your calisthenics or strength routine later the same day, or another day. Phone Post

Going by how I felt when I got up this morning, I would have been useless. However, I ran last night, and I was still feeling it.

I don't know if running in the morning will leave me fucked for the rest of the day or not... I have actually had problems sleeping lately after evening runs.

I am still trying to lose a bit fo weight so I will probably just keep running in the evening until that is all done. Then I will try to pull the hour I am running back and then see if my body will let me make the switch OK.

 Whenever I do cardio, I do it at 5am before work.  When I immediately wake up, I always feel like going back to bed.  You just need to force yourself to get up and then get after it.  I always feel great and energized afterwards.    Get in a good breakfast afterwards and get to work with a pile of energy. 

I always feel good enough for a night lift or training session as your body will usually have a solid 12 hours and 2 full meals to recover. 

It's not a case of lacking the will to force myself to do it, it's a case of whether or not my body will be ready for it. I think I will stick with my current running schedule for another month then see if I can adjust.

Body ready for it... huh?

It's just running. Don't over think it, it's so simple. Just get up and put your shoes on and go outside.

Eat first, don't eat first, do you really think that's going to make a difference?

That was an insightful breakdown of the scenario. Thank you.

There's some research out there which hints that running early and lifting late = best results.

When training for marathons, I do my long runs in the morning on an empty stomach, so I get used to being in a lower carb state. If you aren't running for very long, I don't think it will make much difference in the ability to burn fats. I think it'd be best for you to run when you feel ready for it.

My body fat levels are dropping right now just from the running I am doing, so I dont think I really need to focus on fat loss from the running. I guess I really just want to be able to get the run out of the way at the start of the day for convenience and to get my body chemistry boosted for the day.

i like to do an easy ~20 min run in the morning, then stretch. makes you feel good for the day. there is no way im out running a hard pace or doing sprints right out of bed the harder stuff for later in the day.

 You will start slow, but you will work up to the pace you normally run at and likely even a bit faster. Eat when you get home and you will be fine. I always found I was jacked for the first few hours of the day then got really tired around noon. I have a friend that swears by it though.

Yeah, I will see if I can get it done and still maintain energy throughout the day. If it starts to affect my energy, I am not going to bother with it.