Benefits of meditation

A lecture on physiologic benefits of meditative state

The relaxation response is a physical state of deep rest that changes the physical and emotional responses to stress (e.g., decreases in heart rate, blood pressure, rate of breathing, and muscle tension).

When eliciting the relaxation response:

Your metabolism decreases

Your heart beats slower and your muscles relax

Your breathing becomes slower

Your blood pressure decreases

Your levels of nitric oxide are increased

If practiced regularly, it can have lasting effects. Elicitation of the relaxation response is at the heart of the BHI's research and clinical mind/body programs.


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Im illiterate about the real meditation techniques but when I cant sleep, when my mind wont shut down, I focus on one thing. Last night I visualized myself driving nails into a railroad , nail after nail, seeing and feeling the details. My mind shut up and I fell asleep.

Anybody else ever get to where your mind is the Fing radio that you cant pull the plug on ? Wierd phenomena

that's the the aluminum foil night cap talking to you :)

i clicked on that site doing some research on cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia.

racing thoughts, songs that won't shut off, muscle tension, pain are all things that CBT helps with which in turn helps you get to or back to sleep faster

my doctor said its GAD. Which Ive had since I was a teenager. Medication helps but actually gaining control of my mind has helped me alot. A focused effort and tool we have within ourselves.

"Anybody else ever get to where your mind is the Fing radio that you cant pull the plug on ? Wierd phenomena"

Dude, that's me. I meditate every night using zazen techniques. When I sleep, I do the same thing, though the breathing is completely different.

It's the difference between getting to sleep in two hours and 15 minutes. My mind is difficult to shut off, which is exactly why I'm immersing myself in Zen (and some other techniques, such as metta bhavana)

That comment fascinates me, Enigmatic. I bet if you think about your juggling for a split second, everything will come crashing down.

Good thought on the juggling.....I'm thinking as a beginner you need to
be in the zone....I'm wondering if the juggling pro's can think about other
things while juggling.

If listening to scientists talk about sleep doesn't put you to sleep you got problems