Benjamin Smoke

Benjamin Smoke was an incredible, original voice from Atlanta, Georgia. He fronted many underground and experimental bands, the most notable being the queer-core punk band Opal Foxx Quartet.

After several members died he started 'Smoke.' He led a frantic, eccentric, decadent and finally disastrous life and died in obscurity. Lifelong drug addict, HIV positive dress wearing preacher, a brave and unique explorer alien in a world that didn't fit his dream.

His voice was once described as 'the roar of a wounded lion,' and the music he made was intense, funny, and brutally honest. I find it hard to listen to it for too long.

Jem Cohen made a beautiful and heartbreaking documentary which followed him through his last days called Benjamin Smoke.


Beeper Will:

Another dude absolutely new to me. I'm getting a bit of Nick Cave (though I haven't been able to follow the lyrics yet)... In a strange way a bit of Jeff Buckley. Hmmm. Yeah, it sounds both good and like a little goes a long way.

(BTW, those first-impression comparisons can be really annoying, I understand, but there's always some need to situate something new).

First impressions are great, especially when you listen again and realize you heard the wrong things. (Not saying that's what you've done, mind you).
I don't mean to discount the music, but it's emotionally draining to hear too much at once.

I don't don't really want to clog up the SG with my bullshit, so I'm going to add this unrelated fresh find here. Maybe in 5,000 years when archeologists unearth the skeleton of UG, this post will be dangling somewhere like a second epiglottis or similar useless appendage.

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART - Dirty Blue Gene (early blues version)

That's freaking great. Seriously. What are you talking about "clogging"?? Love that chit. Of course i"m already on-board with Beefheart.... still considering Smoke. Too new to me to have a real opinion.

I know, how cool was that?
I guess it makes me feel like a loser when I have 30 posts in a row full of obscure crap!

Oh, I see how it is... Now I know what you think when I have 30 posts in a row full of obscure crap. I'm gonna put on my headphones and go home. Oh wait, my headphones are at home.

I listened to the first Smoke post recently. I listened to the second, first, since it was a shorter distance to move the mouse and I was really tired. "Curtains" is pretty damned amazing all right.

Yes but your obscure posts have more in depth analysis than, 'Dis be good? Lissen!'