Benji Radach? wtf?

is this the same Benji Radach? Little scrawny LW white dude pretty boy who got his jaw sown shut by his opponent months ago??!?

WOW. If this is the same guy I'm impressed!

He looks COMPLETELY different now. Looks like he worked hard and gained mass and now hits like a frate train. He's even got the wanderlei shaved head going on to add to his menacing (improved) standup skills.

What a complete turnaround. Talk about coming back from your loss. This guy took shit serious.

He was never a LW, his jaw was broken and sewn shut, but it was by a 185lb power punching Chris Leben.

Yeah thanks for the reminder. He looks impressive now. Chris Leben really brought the best out of him with the way he defeated Ninja.

pretty sure he just shaved his head. I mean yeah, he trains hard too I'm sure. But I think the change you're thinking of is that he looks tough now with the shaved head. He always was that tough. Even in the Leben fight, it was a great back and forth fight, not a total destruction by Leben.

He's always been a hard hitting guy - real threat on the feet.

 Top 5 right now

 After suffering a serious injury vs. Chris Leben and losing as a result during a Sportfight show in 2004, Radach took a three-year hiatus from competitive MMA before returning in February of 2007 after signing a contract with the IFL. He was one of the promotion’s true success stories, compiling a 5-1 under the IFL banner upon his return.

Hes a beast Pav !!!!!

Somewhere in a bar last night Danny Lafever was reliving his moment of glory.

KenP -  Top 5 right now

 LOL yea right

Trigg is 6 and he murders him for sure.  Give me 5 better.  Misaki, not even close. 






I could keep going but its a boring argument.

Santiago?  Why bc he beat Logan Clark and got Prangley right after Prangley fought a WAR with Niko?  Santiago gets KOed bad against him.  Bisbing has fought what once at 185?  Turn the vloume down on the TUF reruns.  He has the potential but he is new to the weight.  Hendo might disagree with you.  Bas says he beats Silva right now.  Not my words Bas' words.

 Benji jolts Santiago and Bisping

 Nate inpressed the hell out of me against Kampman and has earned that spot.  Anderson is Anderson albiet with kinks in the armour.  Benji gets the nod in rankings on Bisbing based on experience thus far.  So I conceed he slips to atleast 3rd.  





Cung Le



Would all beat him his fight with Ninja was sloppy as hell but entertaning.

I never said I didnt like Benji he's awesome...just not top 10

 I never said I didnt like Benji he's awesome...just not top 10

Maybe , could be , might be . I saw him in LA at IFL and hes a toughass mofo

KenP -  Top 5 right now

Suave Matt Horwich says you're wrong.

Radach's last 8 fights. I think he's a great fighter, really exciting, but Top 10? C'mon:

Win Murilo Rua TKO (Punches)

Loss Matt Horwich KO (Punch)

Win Brent Beauparlant KO (Punch)

Win Gerald Harris TKO (Strikes)

Win Bristol Marunde TKO (Punches)

Win Brian Foster Submission (Guillotine Choke)

Win Ryan McGivern TKO (Punches)

Loss Chris Leben TKO (Injury)

Based solely on recent wins and activity it's not yet justified.

Stylistically, Radach is a bad matchup with a lot of the MWs in the top 10.

IMO - he's the only MW that can beat anyone currently in the top ten on any given day.

Of the people in the top 10 I think he would beat a good percentage of them. Filho would not even get this to the ground. He is a bad matchup for a lot of guys in the mw division for sure.