Benji Radach?

Does anyone know what Benji Radach has been up too?

He's lost a couple in a row.

He has to take a long time off(a year?) to let his jaw heal.

He plans to be back.

ya razor. the (real) "Razor" is doing good, he called earlier today and said he is feeling great, he's grappling and lifting but no punches yet. He's going to be taking the next 10 or so months off to get his finances set so he will be able to quit working and train full time for a full 6 months and then he is going to fight.... Loosing the last two fights has had an incredibly positive influence on Benji's outlook re: his desire to be a fighter, just wait, you'll see. I'll tell him someone is asking, maybe he will have some time to come on and answer for himself, see ya!


benji's one cool mofo.

Best of luck to the home-town fighter!
Can't wait to see you back in the ring.

Benji is a bad man, he will make a big impact if he is able to come back 100% healed and fully prepared. TTT.

ttt for Benji

Just wanted to say I'll be back and badder than ever as soon as I possibly can if not sooner. I plan on haveing a few pro boxing fights when I come back and roll right into training full time as hard as I can to make a huge come back and get my ko record rolling again. Thanks for everyone that has an interest in how I've been doing and for anyone that loves to watch me deliver my "Face Smashing Fu".....

Benji Radach

Is he immune to being KKM?

Best of luck getting back in there.

Hey Benji, tell Dennis good luck against Frklund and good luck in your boxing fights and comeback bro.

Ray Steinbeiss

P. S. Benji e-mail me at
I meet you in Reno, I am wanting to come up and train soon.

Benji, whats up bro. Good to hear you are doing great and looking to return asap. Look fwd to your pro boxing debut and future MMA fights.-joe



Glad to see you here on the forums Benji. Can't wait to see you fight again. What do you think of The Ultimate Fighter?

Radach and Doreksen or Rivera would be bad ass. I would like to see Benji could back and fight Ed HErman, then Joey Villansor, then Rivera or Doreksen. Radach will be champ.

Radach is the ultimate lurker.

Wave of the future written all over him.

A lot of locals really want to see a Radach vs Leben rematch. Anyway, Benji is training at his gym that he and a couple of friends started in Longview Wa. He has a fight lined up in a couple of months but forgot who he said it was with???

Can you find out who he is fighting and what show? Does BEnji still train with Dennis?