Benji Radich beats gunman

Today on 'Paul Harvey'

Benji Radich, pro MMA'r, was in a store in Vancover Washington when a gunman entered the store to rob the owner.
Benji put on a wristlock and got the gun away from the guy, pinned his arms behing him and smashed the crook into the floor face first. After cheching the thief for other weapons Benji KO'd the guy with a blow to the head. He was still unconcious when the police arrived 15 minutes later.

Seriously? Or is this a troll job? Isn't benji the same game that broke his jaw a few months back?

your lying grey monkey, No but for real it has already been posted and discussed here last week. Its true.

Cool, I just heard about it today on the Paul Harvey radio spot.


Its true, and benj fought leben for three rounds and was winning until a flurry in the 3rd round that broke benj's jaw. Leben is a stud and gave benj huge props after the fight. Check out the post fight interview.

Benj will be back in 2005 with a vengeance.

Benj is a Bonafide HERO.,2933,137310,00.html

J ak

yeah, that's an awesome story. Benji is a bad dude!

TTT For BEnji

Heard about it on Neil Bortz's radio show! He went on about it for like 5 minutes.