Benning Tue Thurs Nights

Sorry, my little brother was using my computer, he is coming down to benning to visit a college and is looking to roll. I know my way around benning a little bit and I will steer him in the right direction, thanks for the imput, I am going to make him get his own name on here so that he will stop using mine and my email.


It would be great if you would give me a call. 544-0184
@ abn hld. I will get you set up with some training time etc. etc. Ask for SFC Preston or SFC Shields.

SFC Preston

anyone around Ft. Benning that is real profficient in striking?
LMFAO, have you been to level 1 or 3 there. Yea they can strike, and strike well in BLDG 69. Go on over and get ya some.

I was gonna say that but........