Benny The Jet on his Kumite in HK

not if you’re Bernhard Goetz.


For later.

Or son of sam


Or Paul Kersey.


Damn dude you’ve had some rough train rides


that’s beautiful.
notice very few front kicks.
they like to keep their toes attached.

Dudes often fight very differently in the 100 man than they do in normal Kyokushin competition, mostly to avoid small injuries that will haunt them later on.

Urquidez was something else. Unlike most of the kickboxers of that era, he had great hands from all his years of training with top-notch, world-class boxers like Randy Shields & Bobby Chacon. In fact, his gym wars with Chacon were said to be legendary. One of my old trainers told me he witnessed one of them that took place back when Chacon was world champion & Urquidez fought with him on pretty even terms & that their sparring session was better than a lot of championship fights.


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The spinning back kick is the hardest kick to pull off but he could do it from either side.
Good luck finding anyone else that could kick to the body like a boxer would throw a punch

Grandmaster of all Martial Arts Michael Jai White says Benny throws that kick better than anyone he’s ever seen. Followed by Joe Rogan.

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pffft dux would have KO’d both of them in under 30 secs each.

Well if he’s gonna use dim mak, of course. You’re talking supernatural karate power there.

He clearly said they were in a tiny box made of wood, and he was wearing a shirt with the guy’s blood on it. Not sure this is the fight. But it might as well be, this looks pretty brutal too.

The “death match” Benny is talking about is definitely NOT the fight with Kong Fu Tak that is posted above which took place in 1981 and was part of a joint promotion with the WKA and Chinese promoters that featured a team of American and Canadian fighters traveling to China and taking on a team of Chinese fighters.

Here is an account of the actual death match in question that I dug up.

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