Benoit and Kevin Sullivan..?!?!?!?

I'm surprised with all of these Benoit threads that no one has mentioned Kevin Sullivan's name.

When I heard that Benoit had died the first thing that came to my mind was a Steroid induced heart attack like Eddie Guerrero.

But when I heard that his wife and Kid were dead also the second thing that came to mind was Kevin Sullivan.

Now for those of you not familar with wrestling let me fill you in. Kevin Sullivan was a big name wrestler in the South in the 80's and early 90's and worked as a "Booker" that is the guy who sets up matches and determines the outcome.

Sullivan booked a feud in which Benoit was having an affair with Sullivan's (real life) wife Nancy (also known as Woman). Benoit and Nancy were forced to spend time together to make the affair look real, (hold hands in public, share hotel rooms, etc.). Because of this, Sullivan and Benoit had a contentious backstage relationship at best and Benoit defeated Sullivan in a Retirement match. Benoit does, however, admit having a certain amount of respect for Sullivan, saying on the DVD Hard Knocks: The Chris Benoit Story that Sullivan never took undue liberties in the ring during their feud, even though he blamed Benoit for breaking up his marriage.

That was 11 years ago, but shit maybe Sullivan is one patient MFer.

I mean Sullivan hated Benoits guts and the fact that both Benoit, Nancy and their son were murdered sounds like the murderer had personal reasons for this.

As a intresting side note, Sullivan is a self proclaimed Satanist.

Just something to think about.

i mentioned it kind of in another thread.

i alluded to that i hope the cause was not from demons of the past

pro-wrestling bullcrap or not, ex-spouses are usually always considered suspects until proven otherwise.


purple haze

Was he really or was it a gimmick?

no legit crazy. very hot headed

Sullivan was the first thing that came to my mind too.

First name that come to my mind as well.

I hear that Sullivan is a crazy MF'er!

seems a little far-fetched, 11 years after the fact. Not that I don't think he'd be capable of something like that

Last I heard he was living in the Florida Keys and owned a gym and a shrimp boat

Kevin Sullivan playing a satanic maniac on TV does not mean he's capable of killing a 7 year old boy.

It's almost as inane as saying it could be HHH since HHH never really got revenge on Benoit for making him tap out at Wrestlemani XX.


"It's almost as inane as saying it could be HHH since HHH never really got revenge on Benoit for making him tap out at Wrestlemani XX."

Yes but Benoit didn't fuck HHH's wife and break up HHH's marriage and then marry her himself IN REAL LIFE.

Sullivan booked his own divorce.

Was Benoit religious? Police say Benoit tied his wife up and strangled her. His son died of suffocation. And Chris put a bible next to their bodies!! Sullivan is a satanist. Maybe that has to do with something!?!?

The placement of the bibles is kind of weird. I mean they were placed but then no suicide note was left? I don't think we'll ever know what happened

someone close to Benoit has stated benoit did NOT believe in religion, the bible thing really makes no sense.

It could have happened that way.