Benoit VS. Lesnar Match

What a very nice match.
Had it all,the classic heel Vs. a great wrestler who just had a match,and is exausted match.

I loved everything,until the end.

It's been used since the beginning of time,even in the more recently WWE matches.
They blew this match man,they took the Titanic and ran it right into an iceberg.
The ref should've checked Benoit's hand three times when he was "knocked out".

I know I will get flamed for being way too picky about this,but this is the closest to a great match the WWE has had in a long time.

-WM13 Austin VS. Brett Hart-
This shown exactly how to get someone over as a tough as nails wrestler who will never give up and fight to the end.
You know why?
Because Austin was in the sharpshooter,passed out from the pain,and the ref raised his hand three times to check and see if he was still concious.
Austin became big after that,every fan whether knowledgeable about wrestling or not,had much respect for him after this match.

How many times have we seen somebody in a sleeper hold,seem to be knocked out,but the ref still raises their arm three times anyways?
It's expected damnit.

This is not Benoit or Lesnar's fault,but the ref's fault.

P.S.If I was there live during the Cena Vs. Benoit match,I would've kicked those little kids'asses for saying Benoit sucks,but later on they cheered for Benoit during his match against Lesnar,buncha stupids.

What's even worse is you 22 viewers know I'm correct.

you are right. it would've added a shitload of suspense to the ending. the ref blew it and hsould be fired and assraped by ten black men and a mexican.

that's earl hebner's son brian hebner, he ain't gettin fired.

I'm going to use that at NAGA.

Im going to use that move on the mat

I reckon that move was insane.. Anyone ever seen it before?

i agree with you Crazy. The ref waved it off an the only reason you knoew why was because Tazz said he was unconcious.

Poor ending.

LOL@ Gortiz. Maybe you could heelhook from there.