Bent press

Does anyone have experience with the bent press? Has it been a worthwhile exercise for you? I'd be doing it with deadlifts in a couple cycles of Pavel's stuff.

Would you recommend performing the movement with a barbell or a dumbbell?

I like the movment. I rotate it with the side press and windmill.

Using the bentpress allows for more weight and obviously it's easier to use a DB than a barbell.

I suggest using a light DB and practice then move for a while before going heavy or trying the 45lb bar.

Where are you learning the technique from?

I would be self-teaching from descriptions on websites ... that's why I wanted to get opinions on the utility of the lift before going to a lot of trouble to try to teach myself.

The Bent press is an okay exercise, it's really just a one-arm overhead press where you lean to the side a bit. The lean isn't really a special technique, it's more or less what your body 'wants' to do when press a heavy weight with one arm.

There's no exceptional benefit to performing the exericise with a barbell. It's harder to control, but not necessarily more productive than using a dumbell. And a normal two-hand overhead press works fine as well.

It's important to remember that PTP wasn't directed at athletes, it's a book about strenght training with limited equipment (just an oly set) for a general fitness audience.

I would add either front or hack squats and some kind of upper body pull like rows or pull ups for a more complete development. PTP really neglects quads and lats, two very important muscle groups for athletes.

The bent press is different from the regular overhead press because you really don't press the weight.

The bar will move a little but really what you are doing is pressing against it as your upperbody corkscrews around. Your arm will straighten due to the upper body getting under the bar, you're in a semi squat position. At the very end of the movement there is a slight dip to get the arm completely straight. Once it's straight you drive up to standing with arm locked over head

I think the movement was created for strongmen to lift alot of weight overhead for show purposes.

I do a few sets of 3-5 and I'm huffing and puffing.

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Wife is letting me get a trap bar next month, so I will be adding in trap bar dead/squats and upright rows to work my quads and lats then.

And I pretty much *am* the general fitness audience with limited equipment. :)

Cool, trap-bar dead should allow for sufficient quad recruitment.

And I'm sorry, I've confused the bent press with the side press. It's the side press that he covers in PTP. I've done both, the bent press is cool but kind of a novelty.