Benzodiazapienes and weight gain

Is there any evidence of Benzodiazpenes causing weight gain? I took myself off of SSRIs and lost 16 pounds, but am still taking a Benzo and having a hell of a time losing weight. My doctors say that there really isn't any hard eveidence, but then again they get paid for pills. An example of my diet is Raisin Bran with rice protein and rice milk of breakfast, fruit for a snack, chicken with brown rice for lunch, protein drink 2nd snack and a chicken wrap (whole wheat tortilla spinach and balsamic vinegar) for dinner. I figure I should probably be losing weight( 4 cardio sessions 1 being lsd, 3 intervals. 3 weight sessions) per week. But the wieght just isn't coming off.

Dude, don't mess with your meds unless your doctor is in agreement.

I work with a lot of people taking meds in these families.

Although not an MD, I see far more problems with inconsitent med compliance than I will ever see with direct side-effects.

I have seen weight gain with a lot of folks taking these drugs. However, their lifestyle habits are almost always 99% of the problem in the population I see - so I cannot necessarily blame the meds.

I also see folks that take them that do not have any weight gain.

I have not seen any credible research yet that puts the blame directly on the medicine. (It may exist, I have not seen it.)

(For example, anxiety can result in a loss of appetite. They take the medication for the anxiety, their appetite returns after years of lowered caloric intake = weight gain.)

I don't want to air you specifics on the internet.
Talk about it with your doc, get a second opinion if necessary...
intelligent management can be done to maximize benefit and reduce side-effects.