Bernard Hopkins calls out FMJ. Seriously.

Says he can make 160 for May 3rd.

oh shit!! I'll watch.

Mayweather will get no credit for a victory. Everyone will say, "oh he beat a washed up boxer past his prime".

kinda getting sick of his "Urban" this and "Black soul" that. kinda makes me want Floyd to retire Hop.

It's never gonna happen. Bernard just wants a big payday before he retires. Floyd would never go to 160. He can't even get as high as 154.

Floyd didn't even cut weight for Canelo. He weighed 150. Pretty obvious Hopkins just wants that money. I hope PBF says no. Phone Post

Can't blame him for trying.

B hop want that mayweather money Phone Post

I see a lot of feinting and  head movement....very few punches being thrown in that fight

That would be pretty interesting, who else is he going to fight.? Phone Post 3.0

You think a Mayweather fight is boring wait until you see B-Hop fight Floyd.

Twice the boredom with half as many punches thrown with a defensive fighter like Bernard.

I'd rather watch my dogs poop in my yard than watch that fiasco.

Can't blame the executioner, that's a great pay day also an interesting match up. Phone Post 3.0

I would absolutely love it if this happened. Could be his Foreman moment.

I would watch it. Phone Post 3.0

I would root for Bernard until my head exploded!

He shocked the world with Trinidad!

Much better fight than watching Mayweather steamroll a guy like Garcia or Khan next

Anyone who loves boxing would enjoy the science both bring to the table. Phone Post 3.0

Floyd wasn't even 160 when he fought The Big Show. If this fight happened, Hopkins would land 6 total punches in 12 rounds.

one of my first good romos a few years back


Doback M3 -

Sad the lengths some of these old timers go to stay relevant.

He's the current LHW world champ. Phone Post