Bert Cooper sighting.....

at a local neighborhood bar. He's a nice guy, but he's gotten out of shape. You could see that drugs have pretty much taken control of him. What a shame.

Guy had a ton of power and was very tough.

Too bad.

Bert Cooper was a warrior and one of my favorite fighters back in the day. His fight with Henry Tillman was a classic. I also remember him going up to Canada and KOing Willie DeWitt on national TV. Cant forget his battles with Moorer and Holyfield either plus other fights that I cant remember right now. LOL.

My last memory of Bert was him KOing Richie Melito on Tuesday Night Fights on USA. There had been rumors of a fix before the fight, and the NYSAC visited Cooper in his dressing room. Needless to say, Cooper knocked out Melito pretty quick.

lets face it he was never the same after the
asswhipping TPSM laid on him. How could he be?

He is from my neck of the woods. do you live in Philly or Delaware County?

I used to see him fairly often....until he disrespected me and my dad.

Had a GREAT fight with Holy. I still have that one on tape. He rocked Holy early, but couldn't finish.