Bert gone for year???

A Denver journalist just said on a radio show in Vancouver that he's heard some NHL officials say that it's possible Bertuzzi might be suspended for the year INCLUDING the playoffs!

That's a little much. Maybe rest of the season.

that denver journalist went over board, totally cross the line with the comments he made. hes worse than tommy larchide(sp)

I think 6 games is fair. Domi got 8 for the Ulf Sammuelsson sucker punch. Two things made the Bert punch not as bad as Domi's, he didnt drop his glove, and Moore knew it was coming.

Does that mean possibly paraylzing a player is ok...and for what, he put a semi-dirty hit on your broke dick allstar

Bert is out indefently

and there was talk about bountys, That will come into effect here

that was totally uncalled for last night

bert should be gone for the regular season, if moore can return for the playoffs then so should bert...

moore should have not been a pussy and fought him... he knew it was coming, you run a player like naslund you know there will be problems, specially in a game that the score is that out of control.... granato shouldn't even have had moore on the ice, he knew it was coming and so did everyone else

True Granato was stupid, and true Moore should've fought. They made stupid choices there. But Bertuzzi should still be suspended. Just because a person goes out late at night, drunk, in a dark alley doesn't mean he deserves to be mugged.

also posted on the other "Bert" thread:

The hit on Naslund was reviewed by the league, and no disciplinary action was warrented.

Bertuzzi should be gone for the year, he suckered the guy from behind, face planted him then fell on him. From what I understand Moore was on the ice for twenty minutes. Plus Bert said ahead of time that he would "get" Moore. That is pretty much indefensible. I like tough hockey as much as the next guy, but that is just ridiculous. You remember what happened to McSorley? Well that was less premeditated. Don't be suprised if criminal charges are filed. At the very least Moore will file legal action - that was not within the bounds of the game.

"granato shouldn't even have had moore on the ice"

That doesn't solve anything, that just leaves the revenge looming until something major finally boils over (most likely taking a shot at a star Avs player instead.)

What should have happened is for Moore to stand up and fight as many times as necessary, then after this game, the rivalry would have probably been over.

Jeebus, Moore has a concussion along with cracked vertabrea. Wave bye bye to Bertie. He's gotta be done for at least the playoffs and maybe part of next year.

"What should have happened is for Moore to stand up and fight as many times as necessary, then after this game, the rivalry would have probably been over. "

I agree with this statement 100%. Hell May, a middleweight, took on Worrell, a fucking beast, twice and he didnt even do anything.

"you can't sit players on the bench in fear that other time is going to become retarded."

You can leave that player on the bench in a 9-2 blowout, with not much time left, when you know the other team is gunning for him

and May is considered a middleweight

May is a smaller heavyweight these days, 210 or so. Barnaby, Asham guys around 185, those are middleweights. Barnaby by the way fought the biggest guy in the league, 6-9 255 lb Chara TWICE in a game this year and has the missing teeth to prove it. Avs fans will LOVE Barney. That being said, NOTHING excuses Bert's behavior, and the result of a broken neck for Moore fully media covered spells a LONG rest for Bert.

Gibsons finest's breath smells like Bert's cock

sould be gone for the whole season, look at Mcsorleys slash on Brashear