Bertcast with Mic Foley

The new Bertcast with Mic Foley is pretty interesting. Mostly talk about Foleys standup, but he does gives some interesting tidbits about the infamous hell in a cell match, hitting Sandman with a cast iron pan and the origins of Bang Bang! Also they almost touch on the Ric Flair incident from last weekend but it's gets shut down pretty quickly... WWE must have REALLY been pissed. Check it out. Phone Post 3.0

Thoughts? Anyone? Phone Post 3.0

Link? Phone Post

Lol I guess that would help:

It's Bert kreischer btw. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks Phone Post

Just listened to it today, I liked it a lot. Phone Post 3.0

I liked it too. He was also on a Nerdist podcast that was pretty good too. And Siri has some serious tig ole bitties for the troubles: Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0Can you guys see the pics?