berto is becoming a favorite

 throws caution to the win and fights, very entertaining. also got butted a million times last night and never complained to the ref

He needs to improve his defense and head movement in my opinion...but until he does he will always be in entertaining fights.

And that's why I like him. He should be a bigger star Phone Post

always entertaining, thats all u can ask for as a fan. Andre has alot of heart and pride.A true fighter , comes from the fighting Berto family. Brother Edson"little tiger" is Fl state lightweight champ in MMA, sister Nana is undefeated MMA fighter, dad was an MMA fighter, brother Clevand a stand out wrestling champ.

Needs to work on defense, a better jab, and work the body more often...Other than that, I respect and like Andre Berto... Phone Post

The Ortiz loss was the BEST thing to happen to him.

He will be better for it. Phone Post