Bertuzzi booed in Skills Comp!

LMAO How much do you have to be hated when the fans boo you during the Skills Competition?

I laughed when they booed him during the breakaway relay. Then he calmely skates in and easily blows one by Theodore like nothing at all.

Nah it goes back to last year's playoffs, and you can tell Bert loves it anyways.

Like Chelly, Konstantinov, etc. You hate them when you are playing them, but you'd love to have them on your team.


Gawd Mark1 if you only could watch Bertuzzi play every game... Morrison is basically Bert's butler. Is that puck out of your reach, sir? Don't get up, I'll go get if for you. Missed your defensive coverage - I'll cover your guy as well as mine. Rinse and repeat.

Bert won't go after a puck unless it's within his arm's reach.

That may be true, but Bert is manhandling the other team's top players more than Morrison is... That's why fans hate him. That's why I mentioned guys like Chelios and Konstantinov. They would/will go out of there way to abuse the other team's top players within the rules, frustrating the hell out the player and the fans. Its like there is almost nothing you can do.

And I'd make that little Michigan bitch feltch my pucks too.