besides e.bravo who twister in BJJ

Sorry about the bad grammer. Anyone else besides Eddie Bravo sub people with a twister in competition??

ive seen marc laimon pull it off in some vids

do you know which dvd or tournament's he pulled it off. I would like to see.

Jeff Glover twistered some guy TWICE in the same match

got it thanks!!!

ummm... one i know of is on 101 submissions chapter 2. the tournament was called westside submission. there maybe more.

Rigan does the twister frequently, but he doesn't compete.

I've got an Australian DVD called Masters of Grappling 2 with Rigan, John Will, Frank Shamrock, Matt Thornton and others on it.

There's some no gi comp footage of a comp in Melbourne on there with a very nicely set up twister submission included. Don't know the guy's name though.

Strangely enough, there was a visiting brown belt from Rigan's at our gym last night who showed us several twister setups.