Best $1 you ever spent

I got a little George Foreman grill from a garage sale about three or four years ago. It will only do two small parties at a time, but that's enough for me.

I keep it in my desk at work and bring shit in to cook. Keeps me from going to the McD's a block away.

Best dollar I'be ever spent. Phone Post 3.0

on your mom

Probably motorboating some tittays at the strip club.

I dont even like strip clubs much, but its probably the best use of 1 dollar.

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on your mom

Phone Post 3.0

You're grilling burgers in a cubicle? You're walking into work with raw meat?

I like the cut of your jib. Phone Post 3.0

I always offer to share.

When I say my desk, remove the thoughts of cubicle walls from your mind. I'm THE second shift maintenance guy. Nobody else is here when I throw down. And there's only six desks in our shop. Phone Post 3.0

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on your mom

You got ripped off son. Phone Post 3.0

crazydave -

Lesson learned too late for me, I'm afraid.

It all worked out well though. Phone Post 3.0

Titties at the strip club. Phone Post 3.0