Best $20 purchase youve ever made?

Garlic peeler tubes: it's a rubber tube you put a garlic clove in and roll it along the counter to peel the garlic.

Vacuum sealer bags: I buy bulk vacuum sealer bags on Amazon and seal individual servings of items instead of using expensive Tupperware and sealing whole meals. Single biggest factor in the success of my weight loss has been the ability to pair any veg with any meat at any time.

pocket pussy

Rocket league by far!

groove joint channel locks or electric screwdriver

50% off a little portable bbq. So fucking useful.

I'll second Rocket League.

Vietnamese prostitute.  Would have said Thai bit they're slightly more.

A sixer of prime ipa for me and three bottles of stray berry hill. For your mom, sister and old lady.

Your mom.

This thread has turned into a nightmare for OP

Costs $30.00 but my Curio and Relic 03 FFL license

One hulk hand.

Electric water kettle.

Rice cooker

20 dollar hooker

Gortcho - Rocket league by far!

Jhay -

pocket pussy


Feels like fucking a waterfall


Huge Eagles fan and got to tour the entire stadium (locker room, ref rooms

Hate the new posting! Anyway, owners boxes etc.. was badass for $15 


ps: fuck the Cowboys!