Best 4 day Rotation for Lifting ?

1) Chest/Biceps

2) Back/Triceps

3) Shoulders.

4) ???


If I do that maybe I can look like this guy

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I'd fuck me.

Legs is done with resistance cardio. I'd post pics but I'm not wearing a skirt today

no leg work out?

See previous post.

legs and back should be main focus everything else will fall into place, imo

I was a sprinter, swimmer, and Tailback for a long time... my legs are gigantic.


This is all upper body focus.

4 days of it.

What about the whole push/pull theory ?

I've used this routine for many years, well, when I actually used to lift.

1) Chest/Back
2) Biceps/Triceps
3) Shoulders/Legs
4) Off


But I've been thinking of switching to:

1) Chest/Triceps
2) Back/Biceps
3) Shoulders/Legs
4) Off

But first I just need to get back to working out.

my 4 day;
- chest and triceps
- biceps and back
- legs and shoulders
- cardio and abs

I do cardio and Abs everyday.

Monday-chest, Tuesday-back, Wedsday-legs Thursday-Bi and triceps, Friday shoulders, Sat and sun off, thats mine. If you don't do legs take wedsday,Sat and sun off

Monday- full Upperbody, Cardio, & bicep supersets,

Tuesday- Legs, cardio, & tricep supersets,


Thursday- full Upperbody, Cardio & bicep supersets

Friday- Legs, Cardio, & tricep supersets

Sat.& Sun.- off

That is my schedule, works for me and the others at our gym.


Read the thread THEN reply.

You guys are having reading comprehension issues.

I do weighted Cardio for 45 to 90 mins a day. I have naturally muscular legs from sports in the past. There is no leg workouts to be had.

Why don't you just do alot of compound exercises instead of doing isolation stuff? If you're going to do isolation lifts you should atleast do them in a circuit.

Explain compound exercise?