Best AGP card for 848P MB

Hey guys what do you think is the best graphics card for an 848P motherboard? I'm looking to play games so I assume I'll need a 256 mb one. I talked to a guy at a comp store and he said the best cards are for PCI Express slots. My motherboard is brand new but I dont think it has one of those slots.

I have that exact motherboard to be exact, the ECS 848PA 1.1

I've used several, 5200 the 6600GT and now the 6800. The 6600GT is around 200 bucks and if fine for most needs.

Granted, I got the 6800 for 200 bucks so don't expcet that again though for awhile

Thanks Fin. So is the 6800GT the best one you can buy for an AGP slot?

6800Gt ultra would be the best, but its excessive

x800xt is the best agp card you can get from ati and the 6800 ultra is the best from nvidia. Just choose one. Personally, I'd take the x800xt over the 6800 series. Here's a brand new review using almost any card out now, including dual sli setups.

IF you had an sli mobo and a ton of money to spend I'd recommend 2 6800GT's in sli mode. The x800xt is a great gpu for agp, in most cases 1 x800xt is keeping up to two 6800's and in games like halflife2 and farcry it's usually faster than an sli setup.

Either way you're going to get a good card! can't really go wrong with 6800's or the x800's.