Best and worst ref??

Now this is not meant to be a thread where people are talking mad smack about refs, it is a hard job to be a ref of course, everyone makes mistakes.

But seriously man I am tired of this shit with refs calling fights all crazy and showing favoritism. Herb Dean?? I am tired of the VERY fast standups in fights you ref. Swick vs Okami?? That is just Fn crazy man, how can you call that fair?? And many other fights.

Best ref to me is STEVE MAZZAGATTI. Steve just rules! He is kicking it with the sweet tache and also the best ref. Steve knows when it is time to call it off and he lets people decide the FIGHT in the RING. Honestly IMO Steve is responsible for making the VERY fast Zuffa stoppages slower, he knows the fighters and will let it go. None of this stopping it after a knockdown chuck vs randleman shit, LMAO at a TERRIBLE stoppage there.

Also Yves Lavigne, have you guys noticed this guy lets fighters clinch against the Fing cage FOREVER?? And why is he reffing all the fights with Canadian fighters, possible bias IMO, seriously what is up with that. He let Cote clinch Smith forever IIRC and MacDonald basically set up a tent and stove next to that cage vs Rory in the first round. BTW good fight Rory and kind of a gay stoppage IMO. BTW I dont hate gays so dont even start!

Worst ref ever Larry Landless, man that guy never shut up and was ALWAYS in the face of fighters YELLING YELLING YELLING, please just stop, notice he isnt in the UFC anymore at least they did that right. Larry Landless I dont hate you as a person but you wanted camera time, IMO you conducted yourself wrong, a good ref should only be seen before/after the fight and when making a rule judgement, see Steve Mazzagatti for this, and also a SWEET mustache.

So who do you guys think?? (BTW I am still spelling it Corea to support FOS, seriously he is a cool guy.)

Worst ref & judge is

Cecil Peoples.


you know i like mario too but he has a couple of VERY weird moments IMO, actually was it him who reffed okami vs swick?? maybe it was. herb dean if i am wrong i apologize but what I said is true, btw you let arlovski hold the fence to cheat his way out of PDPs leglock, it is probably that fight i am thinking of. WTF was that/? he held the fence man.

LOL I basically do not consider Yuji a ref even, thats like if Vince comes out in a ref shirt with no sleeves to show off his roided old man arms

herb dean.....worst IMO

Big John has his moments but IMO takes orders from the UFC CLEARLY, look at how the stoppages have changed and how much longer fights go now, seriously they used to stop it when one guy fell down. So BJM has made too many suspicious calls for me to say he is the best.

Also LOL obviously Shimada is a ref but he is the BJM of DSE and does what they want not always what the rules say. So he is not the best IMO.

Best non-Steve ref is Toyonaga from japan IMO, an actual fighter and he once beat Genki Sudo LOL, also he was in sakurabas instructional gimmick video and did a funny sumo thing.

peoples is god

Yves Lavigne is the worst. Always seems to be some sort of controversy when he is involved.

I like Shimada but he lets fighters take too much damage. Cecil peoples is a bad ref and judge. Mazagatti is pretty bad too as he lets fouls go.

Honestly, they do a decent job but no ref is without fault.

I'd have to say Herb Dean probably has the most bad calls of any single ref I've seen.

cecil peoples is terrible

BJM = Best

Herb D = Worst

Steve Mazzagatti is the best!! Fouls here and there are much more understandable and OK than CRAZY fast standups or letting one fighter the UFC likes more stall or fast stoppages IMO