best and worst

what are the best and worst mma/submission related
dvd's out there. my favorite is 101 submissions. it
has a sick soundtrack to go with it so it makes it
nice to watch over and over. the worst is the sparring
chronicles. weak ass sparring with the worse camera
work ever. only good segment was enson beating on one
of his students. i actually think it was the biggest
waste of money ever.


I am thinking of getting 101 submissions. Where should I get it from?

Someone showed me the Sparring Chronicles recently. I agree, it was weak. Eugene and I were goofing around and had no idea someone was going to use that footage, let alone sell it. A little embarassing. Anyway, hope things are good on your end.

get it from sherdog. mine came broken and i e-mailed
him and got a new one immediately no questions asked.
Whats up tim? things are good on this end since you
asked, and hopefully we will be able to see you fight
again soon. sounds like your seminars are/were doing
great, not sure if you are still doing them. ttt for

Thanks, Dunc. The seminars were a lot of fun for me. Met some great people.

I'll be fighting soon. A few minutes ago I agreed to fight a top guy this summer. The terms were worked out, but they haven't sent over the contract yet. I guess it will be announced when everything is signed.

You've been a great supporter over the years and I truly appreciate it. Thanks.


no problem