Best area to train in SE England?

First off, before anybody says it, I'd be posting this on SFUK if I could get an account there, but my application was rejected for some reason.

I'm in the unusual position of returning to the UK from being overseas and having nowhere to live. This is good in a way, because it means that I can choose to live anywhere I like.

I'd really like to train up to see if I have what it takes to take part in a few MMA fights. As such one of the factors in deciding where I live is going to be the availability of MMA training in the area. I would prefer to live somewhere greener than London, but close to it for work purposes (i.e. ideally on a major train line). I would consider NW London or outer SE London if I had to live in London, but would prefer the areas of Kent or Surrey that are near London.

As regards the training my ideal criteria are:-

- Trains often (I'm looking to train at least 3 times a week to start with, and then more as I get some conditioning).
- Trains realistic MMA striking (i.e. preferably boxing/kickboxing/thai).
- Trains submissions (ideally no-gi, I'm not really that interested in gi work).
- Trains wrestling.
- Has open mat or sparring sessions where MMA sparring or free grappling can occur.
- Doesn't cost too much, although I'm relatively easy on this one.

Can anyone recommend clubs that meet or come close to meeting those criteria?

Thanks in advance for all feedback.

I just moved away from that area and might be able to
help a bit: first place that comes to mind is Staines
as it has Ronin Vale tudo which is Andy Jardines MMA
club. They also train still at the Budokwai in
Frimley which is not far from Staines (you can also
get K1 level striking in that area (either through
Alex Reid, Andy Jardine or Gary 'Smiler' Turner.

You also have the Slough BJJ school which is gi
grappling but very good as several of the guys there
are into Vale Tudo as well so if you want no Gi there
you can usually find it (plus Ronaldo and Eduardo are
wicked instructors). Also from the Staines/Slough
area you can get into London pretty easily if you
don't mind a bit of a commute and train there still.

I used to train in Slough then commute to London 1-2
times a week where there is a smattering of good clubs
email me at for more info
if needed. Plus for the clb listing on SFUK you don't
need to sign in.


I guess going to the SwS website and asking might make
some sense eh Leigh?

Hello Estarriol.

My name is Joao Pedro Tinoco. I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, where I have been training BJJ for over 9 years.

I currently live in Monaco. I also travel all over the world teaching the art of BJJ.

My friend Lee Bown has just opened a new gym in Alfreton, near Nottingham. And I'm scheduled to teach there for around 10 days in the last week of May.

Get in touch with Lee if you are interested in attending one of the classes or a seminar.

His number is +44 078 129 909 34

Take care,