Best article EVER?

There is an article in this month's Grappling magazine (Luis Heredia on the cover) about Rey Diogo's sweeps. Damn, that was a well-written article. The author just seemed so intelligent and articulate. Handsome, too. In fact, he seems like the consumate martial artist.

The sweeps were good, too.

I read it last night. Very nice article Andre.


Thanks, Scott. I was hoping if I was over-the-top enough with my compliments that people would realize it was me. lol

The first thing I noticed was who wrote it. You look different than you did when you were in Rey's DVD's or the article in "Men's Fitness Magazine". I guess some of us get better with age. When is Rey coming out with more instructionals?



Thanks! I'm not sure when he will put something new out. I know there was a mount tape he did with Island, but I have no idea if they plan to market it anytime soon.


It is being sold now. Look at the thread at the top.

Actually, just noticed that they are selling a new mount tape from Rey. I haven't seen it, but I heard he did a great job. Should be good!

lol...Bolo, thanks! Just noticed!


Why are there delays in Europe for everything...
In Europe everything comes 2 weeks later..

I want the magazine in my hands NOW....


I just saw the first copy yesterday at Rey's. I cant find it on the stands yet. I will check after work, and send you some copies as soon as I get my hands on them. :)