Best Arturo Gatti Fight?

I'd say his first fight with Ivan Robinson.

I'd say this trumps his fights with Ward because Gatti is in the role of slugger fighting a slick boxer in robinson. That was not the case against Ward. In that fight he was the superior boxer.

here's a highlight clip:

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I have yet to see his fight against Manfredy however. what was that fight like?

i know its cliched but for my money his best fight was the first one with Ward. I have most all of his fights, and several are very good, but that one is still the best in my mind

Yeah, 1st one with Ward. It's my #2 Fight of all Time after Dempsey/Firpo.

Gatti/Ward I.

he has given and taken some vicious beatings

Lots of excellent ones to choose from, but in this case, I think the CW is right: Gatti/Ward I.

I love the Gatti-Rodriguez fight.


Gatti / Robinson 1 and Gatti / Ward 1

Too close to call one better !