Best Ass in MMA (bring your own pics)

"How to get Frozen" by OP

I'm not going to down vote you op. I'm not mad. I'm disappointed. Phone Post 3.0

Watched Dillashaw VS Barao with friends. My girls friend pointed at TJ and said "I'm rooting for that guy, 'cause he's got a Donk!".

Tate's ass is unbelievable in person.

As well as felice. Phone Post 3.0

In Phone Post 3.0

that valentina chick got a nice ass fo sho Phone Post 3.0

Ilir Latifi

It's a shit way to make a thread but in OPs defence he did say in the title to byo pics. Phone Post 3.0

Silverstreak -
Phone Post 3.0

SensoriaUtopia - You are welcome
Daaaamn. Something about white pants on a perfectly thick lower half. Daddy Likey.

VU Phone Post 3.0

some google results


K Phone Post 3.0

Came for the Lombard pics.. left disappointed.

Big Country!!!

mic drop Phone Post 3.0

Ray Elbe - Haha...if only I could. Phone Post 3.0
Just one? Phone Post 3.0

Sub Phone Post 3.0

GangBangedByThe209 - I always thought tate was the champion of the 135 lbs female mixed martial asses.

But recently I saw a video of Magana and she has a really nice Ass too! The difference is she flaunts it with twerks and bootyshakes.

I'm leaning towards crowning a new mixed martial Ass champion.

Post your own pics, I'm a mobile blue. Phone Post 3.0
VD Phone Post 3.0

newjack900 - Came for the Lombard pics.. left disappointed.
Dude's on another level Phone Post 3.0

Just an overall terrible experience in this thread. Phone Post 3.0

If its just ass we're talking about then beth correa Phone Post 3.0