Best B grade fighters?

1. Guy Mezger 2.Semmy 3.Homer Moorer

nice trolling

liddell, mezger, pele

"I laugh at Tony Danza" Hank Hill

Liddell is not B grade

come on guys, give the man some credit. i know he's had a couple losses lately, but he's no C grade fighter. he's definitely a B, probably B+.

LOL at tonydanza.

Chris Haseman

Travis Fulton

Tank Abbott

Dave Benetau

Bobby Hoffman

Gary Goodridge

Chris Haseman is fighting again! At the upcoming Spartan on the gold coast (AUS).

ross clifton

dave fox

the fighting ref

All of the MFS guys.

There- I said it before the trolls did! :)

Jason Godsey & Chris Lytle are two top "B" grade fighters. Close but never won the "Big" fight.

Props to the people who suggested Haseman. He's not going to be THE best fighter in the world, but he's enough to give anyone trouble and on a good night can pull an upset. He's god good strikes, subs, and has been around.
I think Mike VA is likely better than 'B-Level' but he doesn't fight all that often, so it's tough to tell. Anyone else notice he has a win over "Mario Lopez" listed. The guy is that AC Slater?

"and has over 100 fights."
How did Guy get over 100 fights? I don't think he has even half that.

"If Travis Fulton trained hard and took fewer fights, I bet he would tear the MMA world up. He has the potential to be at A+++ fighter."

You have lost your mind. He's a "C" fighter at best and could never ever be an "A" fighter.

"Jason Godsey & Chris Lytle are two top "B" grade fighters. Close but never won the "Big" fight."

Agree with Lytle but Godsey is a "C" level fighter as well.

B Grade fighters would thus include:

Randy Couture
Rickson Gracie
Muhammid Ali
Matt Hughes
Vanderlei Silva
Joe Lewis
Roy Jones, Jr.

Godsey a C? I don't know about that. I have seen him compete live and he seems like a very professional level fighter.

Iron Mike Sharpe, Mario Mancini, Barry O, Ken Massey, S.D.
Jones, Barry Horowitz

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