Best band of all time?

Beatles Phone Post 3.0

Zeppelin Phone Post 3.0

I personally could not choose between those two bands. So both. Phone Post

Tool. Phone Post 3.0

1.4 Non Blondes
2.Milli Vanilli
4.Ace of Base
5.Crash Test Dummies

Vertical Horizon

Darth brooks - Tool. Phone Post 3.0
This Phone Post 3.0


Hootie and the Blowfish

Or Skynyrd

Bad Brains

Well my favorite band at least. Phone Post

Ryduce - Hootie and the Blowfish

Believe it or not, I am now listening to "Let Her Cry" after reading that.



Cletus Redpecker III - Or Skynyrd

This Phone Post


Right Said Fred

Eggbert - S Club 7 Phone Post 3.0
After deep thought and reflection, there indeed is no party like an S Club 7 party. Phone Post 3.0

Metallica no question. Phone Post 3.0

The Beatles and The Stones
sucked the marrow out of the bone
put the "V" in Vietnam
made it good to be alone

but in the last 20yrs

WEEN ftw

Thuglife13 - AFI

and it's not even close...

Bahagagshaggaaaashsshhahahahaha Phone Post 3.0

Mihow - Iron Maiden

. Phone Post