Best Baroni interview EVA He is back home!

paul117 -

War  NYBA!

 i liked the one with his junky car


Better get out your shinebox, Amir.

a focused and more mature NYBA???

Amir...better bring your pillow and blankets.your goin to sleep.

UfcSpyGUY - I would put money on amir.



Because Amirs going to submit him.

That article was depressing. Baroni only did well when he was juiced to the gills.
His reflections should have been to lay off the gear, and train BJJ from the very beginning.

 ttt 4 eva

Baroni's best fight was probably against Riggs which was under AC drug testing.

 Big fan of Phil. Good luck NYBA

Yeah the one with his car was the best interview eva!!! did he eva get his window fix?