Best Base for Submissio Grappling?

What would you guys consider to be the best base for Abu Dhabi style submission grappling (same point system which does not encourage the butt flop)? BJJ with a gi, or Gi-less (BJJ) Submission Grappling? The reason for why I ask is that my real goal is to participate in gi-less Submission Grappling (one day) but there seem to be few very elite places that instruct solely or extensively in the no gi-game. Could anyone help me out here?

if you're in LA, eddie bravo's school is all no gi.

Did Eddie Bravo do any gi-grappling (BJJ) training/competing before going to no-gi?

yup. he trained w/ jean-jacque. just prefers no gi, so that's what his school does.

No-gi is what you want. Most BJJ schools do both gi and no-gi off and on during the year some only focus on one style (look around).

The butt flop is an easy way to get to the ground and purfect for guard players. Work with some wrestlers , it wont help your subs for the most part but will cause you to get better at takedowns.