Best BBQ Meal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite BBQ meal is:

1) Strip Loin Steak (Marinated in Montreal spice, BBQ sauce, a little soya, a little worchester, and some vinegar to help with saturation into the meat) Place the marinate in a zip lock bag and then put the steak in it and shake the heck out of it. Leave it overnight or at least 6-8hrs. Shake it whenever you go near it in the fridge. I like strip loin steaks as there is less fat and it's pretty much all meat, and it's a great cut.

2) Potatoes roasted on the BBQ. (cut up some potatoes into pieces, cover them in olive oil, and some spices, then place on the BBQ on a tinfoil tray)

3) Beans (from a can, but not just any beans you have to get the ones that are in molasses)

4) For a beverage an nice cold Ice Tea does the trick for me.

This is my favorite BBQ meal especially after an afternoon session of grappling.


Any other favorite BBQ meals?



What no one else has a favorite BBQ meal they love to cook after training?

I was looking for people to give ideas so I could try them out.



I dig ribs, cooked over wood chips, with beer. MMMM... beer. Food?? What's that??

Food makes beer taste better. It's like a side of fries for beer.