Best Beef Jerky?

Where can I find the best beef jerky? I'm getting tired of the crap they
have at safeway, 7-11 and most of those are full of preservatives and
MSG. I want some high quality jerky! No more Oberto, Pemmican etc.

Luke Jerky

Only available in Oregon.

home made... using bison meat.

The best jerky I've ever eaten was Reindeer Jerky from the northern part of Sweden.

Whatever Costco has is actually pretty okay.  Don't know the brand.  Makes my farts smell like beef jerked death though.

My friend went on a hunting trip in Canada and brought back moose jerky. Butcher put a lot of spices in it, too. Awesome!

LOL @ MIIJerky!

How 'bout jerky recipies, from those that say to make your own?

buffalo chicken jerky by tyson is your friend

lol, I made buffalo chicken jerky one time.  It was a complete disaster. 

wild bills strips in the glass jar

I love jerky and a few years back got sick of the common stuff and started buying it in bulk online...although I don't eat that much. I've yet to find the "perfect" jerky, some will have great flavor but poor texture, some will have decent texture but crapy flavor, etc.

If anyone can suggest really good jerky at a reasonable cost, please let me know cause I'll give it a try

Sicko you read my mind. It seems the best ones are homemade recipes.

Maybe I'll look into buying a food dehydrater. But I'm still not giving up.

Who sells the pefect jerky?

By perfect I mean it's healthy (no MSG, low sodium, no preservatives).

Flavorful! And the texture is tender, but has a chewy bite to it. You can
take your dried out rock jerky someplace else.

you need a food dehydrader if that is even a word. A guy a my job used to make it homemade and it was perfect. You take a nice cut of london broil, let it soak in some teriyaki sauce, put it in the dehydrader and boom --> perfect jerky

I like Texas Best. I've only tried their mild jerky. Like it alot and don't
intend to try the others because for me plain old jerky's best.

When money is no object, go with Ray's Good Stuff. Get the "Beef Strips", not the jerky. I like the peppered flavor. I buy 8-10 of them once a year, when they exhibit at our local boat show. Their jerky is okay, but the beef strips rock.

Hey mullet, does that guy do international shipping?

spicy Szechuan style

my brother works at target and they have the best jerky there... the store brand one... prob. only available at super targets...

"Luke Jerky

Only available in Oregon."

Where? Never heard of it, but I'm in Oregon.

My favorite jerky WAS King B. They used to have it at Winco for like $2 a bag and it was GOOD. Now, the King B jerky is different, and it's basically the exact same as Oberto or Jack Links. Lame.

Actually, Jack Links the small bags used to be really good too, but now the small bags have the same exact jerky as the bigger bags. It used to be a different jerky that was much better.