Best Beef Jerky?

I have a dehydrator and after almost ruining a few batches, I now make excellent beef jerky.

I cut it thin, marinate in a mixture of water, soy sauce, some type of smoked kahlua liquid & steak seasoning.


Dunno. Never thought to ask. Sorry.

Pemmican jerky from BJs is good too.

In calgary theres a brand called Mcsweenys. They have this flavour called hot and sweet and its the best i've ever had. They actually made a bigger bag because people couldn't get enough.

Ray's, huh? Must try, even the buffalo.

somehow my original post on this thread must have got deleted, but it's still in 'my threads' so I know I did post.

Anyway, my buddy got a dehydrator this summer, and we've made a few batches of jerky and I have to say it's better than anything I've ever bought at the store. It's still spendy, we buy our meat at the butcher, but when you dehdrate, 5 lbs of meat turns into about 1-2 lbs. of jerky. So the meat alone is fairly expensive.

alton's method works well. it made my house smell like spicy beef for 2 days, but that wasnt such a bad thing.

i bet mullett has tried it as well...

Not me. Not worth the wait. I've got jerky in my smoker down to 3 hours.

Well I'm trying the Hi Mountain cure/seasoning blends again. I had a bad experience with the Bourbon BBQ flavor, but everyone I talk to swears by their other flavors. So I'm doing up 3 1.5# batches:

I'll let ya know how it turns out. Maybe I'll even post pics.

Stupid pics...

All the software and hardware laid out, and ready for action. The meat is sliced and in the bag.

Cut the wrong side of the seasoning packet and spilled it.

Taking the meat for a quick spin to help remove excess liquid.

Counter covered in saran wrap for quick clean-up.

Patting it dry.

Applying the cure/seasoning blend.

Did the same to both side of the meat.

Bagged up and ready to wait for 24 hours, along with the other flavors.

I'll post part 2 pics tomorrow.

nice, looking forward to the final product. Think you can email me a piece for testing?

A couple chunks of hickory in the smoker.

I got the meat hanging from toothpicks so I can fit more on the rack.

The Cookshack is loaded up and ready to go. On the front porch, of course, in true white trash fashion.

Results in a few hours. The cajun spice smelled much better than the last Hi Mountain blend I used.

Ready to remove.


Quite honestly, I'm thinking Hi Mountain let me down again. This "Cajun" flavor is pretty much flavorless. We'll see how it tastes after it sits in the fridge for a few hours.

The Cracked Pepper & Garlic flavor is smoking now. If it comes out bland too, I'll fix up the Hickory one with some Tony Chechere's and black pepper.

Bland again.


I covered the hickory one in Tony's and black pepper. Hoping for the best.

The one loaded up with Tony's and black pepper turned out awesome, if not a little hot.

I finally figured this shit out, and this makes me happy.

they look good!

I'd love to find a simple black pepper jerky, or perhaps a chicken/turkey jerky using breast meat poached in a spicy tomato sauce then dehydrated.

Any thoughts on a good dehydrator, I don't have room for a smoker

You guys need to try Biltong(South African air dried meat). Has anybody tried it?