Best bets for $1k UFC 207 and Bellator 172

The Bermudez vs Jung thread we had was awesome,lots of winners and good plays and perspectives from everyone,let's keep it going for next week here's the odds I got 1,000 or more to play,as always if anyone sways me on a bet I give 10percent.If Marshes pms me all his plays for this week I'll match them and  I'll give him 20 percent,dudes a your plays,parlays,props,budgets and potential returns,citric isms,inside information ,whatever you got here's the place to post it.

Lots of dogs here old faithful Boetsch+400,Andy+120,lentz+155,jim miller+325,holm+105

Here's the odds I'll update my plays and parlays as I think it over.let's get started an

 make some cash.

Gdr -125 Holm +105

Belal Muhammed+105 Reis-135

Sasaki +450 Reis -675

Andy silva+120 brunson-140

Jacare-500 boetsch+400

Makachev-185 nik lentz +155

Glover-165 canonier +145

Mccall-135 j brooks+105

Poirier -400 jim miller +325

Carneiro+225 laflare-285

Nover+175 Rick Glenn -225

Bellator  so far



Grasso messed up everything last night for

I think Silva will ko brunson. He looked bad against Whitaker, if he does that to Silva he will be out of their quick again.

I like: Reis, Jacare, Teixeira

Maybe: Islam, LaFlare

These are all big favorites though..

TTT it's the eve of the fight les see what's good,I'll drop back in with my potential plays and if someone posts a parlay or bet I go with I'll shoot em 10Percent if we win and if it happens to be Marshes I'll make it 20 percent 

I bet a parlay paying 33 to 1


Get him to the ground Jim


For ufc 207 I'd bet the house on garbrandt.  

TOAO - Grasso messed up everything last night for
Me too

But Korean zombie recovered me some

I got andy, miller, lentz. 50 wins 1527. Definitely not a for sure thing, but they're all live dogs.

I was scared to bet zombie, so I bet the fight would go over 2 rounds instead for 200 dollars and lost

Maybe glover,silva,jacare

Reis,glover,la flare

Brunson,reis,jim miller,glover,la flare

Still undecided

Randy and weis 100

Islam and Glen 50

It's Miller time

Damn it, silva and Holm it is now to recover and get up,

Also glover and Souza 150