Best BJJ book?

I am trying to find a really good BJJ book...Is there a consensus on the best book? I am looking at ordering Jiu Jitsu University off of amazon and would like to get a better idea of whats out there. Are Bravo's books more for advanced students? Or maybe BJ's book. Rodrigo Gracie's book might be the one Path to Black Belt...

Also should I get the Guard and passing the Guard books as I have only been training 3 months or so? And have read that they might be better for a blue belt or seasoned white?

Any info would be incredibly appreciated

 Im really enjoying renzo and roylers book , lots of good GI stuff in there, Ive heard great things about saulos so its next on my list.

For no gi it is hard to beat Eddie Bravo's books, except of course Noguiera's book is a great companion to it

 Bravo's books are the best.  The dvd's are the best quality instructionals I have ever seen.

Great thanks for the info guys....We only have 1 no gi class a week and I usually skip it...So sorry I didn't specify but I am in fact looking for GI training books..Thanks again

I really like Saulo's, however if you have only been training 3 months... you should not worry about too much extra curricular studies. Just concentrate on learning what your instuctor is telling you. Trying to learn too much, too soon may actually hinder your progress.

Saying that Royler and Renzo's is a good beginner, techniques without to much theory. More advanced is JJ Machado. Saulos gets more into the theory.

Check Ze Marios 1st DVD set (with Murilo). That is a great place to start.


 Just picked up a GREAT Saulo Ribeiro book....

Thanks guys

I think Saulo's book is the way to go. It goes over all of the most common positions that a beginner/intermediate person will face and how to deal with them. It not only shows the technique but also goes over why your doing it. One of my favorite parts of the book is that it also shows the most common mistakes people make while in each position and or doing each technique. I wish I had this book when I started.


Thanks guys I just ordered Saulo's book..I appreciate your input...If there are anymore suggestions I am willing to listen...Thanks

 Carlson Gracie  - For Experts Only 

Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu, a perfect blend of judo and bjj

I have a hardback copy of Kodankan Judo, it's not a bad book.

At your stage of the game, Royler and Renzo's is best, IMO.

I've been training BJJ about the same amount of time as you. Here's my $.02:

Royler/Renzo: one of the best books for beginners esp. if your academy includes the gracie self-defense oriented techniques (e.g. escaping standing headlocks) in its curriculum.

Rodrigo Gracie (Path to Black Belt): if I only had to get one book as a beginner,it'd be this one. Great for beginners with more "training" and "application" aspects to it (e.g. solo drills, partner drills).

Saulo: this one is a little too deep for beginner's imo. I really like the beginning section on survival skills for the white belt, but the Royler/Renzo and Rodrigo book are better suited for beginners.

Summary: get all three! But, if you only choose one I'd highly recommend Rodrigo's Path to Blackbelt.

Also, as a beginner I have found Roy Dean's Blue Belt Requirements to be very helpful.