Best BJJ Books/Video?

Hello out there. I was wondering if anyone could give me a quick rundown on what BJJ books they think are best. Give me a few in case I can't find the ones your talking about. I'm interested mostly in books so I can practice the tech. during sparring sessions, but any info about videos is also welcome. I know nothing beats personal instruction, but I won't be able to enroll at any BJJ schools until this summer when I have more free time. Much Appreciation.

Joel Lymneos

Royler's book, Renzo's book, passing the guard by Tim Cartmell, JJ Machado's book, I'm looking to buy Rigan Machado's Encyclopedia of BJJ but haven't heard anything about them yet (there are two in the set).

All the book listed by Roleta are great. I would also add Mark Hatmaker's 'Killer Submission' to that list.

There are dozens of really good instructionals. I train No-Gi, so the ones I list are best suited for this style of grappling.

For a detailed overview of submission wrestling, check out 'The Practical Grappler'. It is a submission wrestling syllabus containing tons of very high percentage submissions, escapes, controlling, and attribute development.

For cool submissions and set ups, check out Bas Rutten's Extreme Pancrase video series by Panther. One of the best submission sets on the market. You could spend along time practicing with these tapes.

Mario Sperry's Vale Tudo tape sets and his Secrets of Submission Wrestling all excellent for grappling. Mario not only shows neat moves, he also teaches strategy and a game plan. Something few tape sets do.

Along with the Mario sets, my favorite is Matt Thornton's Functional Jeet Kune Do series two. He combines BJJ with wrestling. His tapes are packed with info. His top game tape is worth the price of the entire series.

For great instruction in specific areas, my picks go to Stephan Kesting (, Roy Harris, Michael Jen, Erik Paulson, and Tony Cecchine.

If you have any questions on these, please ask. I have to go to work right now. I will post any replies later tonight.