Best BJJ instruction in GTA?

I gleaned some useful info from the Kumo Jiujitsu thread but maybe I can get some additional info/opinions. I am fairly knew to the bjj scene and I am trying to decide on a club to join.

1) which school do you think has the best bjj instruction in the GTA?

From the threads I have been reading it seems to be among Shah's, Rebellion, Karma, & Scott Schilling at Kombat arts.

2) does your rating change if the question is about bjj instruction for beginners?

Some club's may be more hard core which sometimes can be difficult for beginners to fit in if they are just into learning & rolling and not so much into tournaments/fighting etc. (injuries)

Thanks in advance for any advice. I have been reading alot of threads in the last couple of days and this forum is great! Quite a bjj/grappling community you people have built.

I think alot of people will say go to every club you mentioned above and try a trial class and see if its what your looking for.

Try every club.
At Karma the high level guys go out of their way to help people out. Wagnney Fabiano is a great teacher, and probably the most knowledgable instructor in the GTA. He takes the time to give new members close attention to make sure that they don't develop or keep bad habits. He really teaches the fundamentals of BJJ not just each position.

I am a huge fan of Mark Bocek, and he will be teaching downtown.

That said you should probably take a class at each location. The Rebellion crew is fantastic, and I've heard good things about Shah Franco's and Scott Schilling. Location should be a major consideration. All of the places you mentioned are worth going to, so pick a place you are realisticly likely to go to regularly.

Depends on where you live. If you're in the Mississauge, Oakville, or Burlington area I would strongly suggest checking out Scott Schilling's class at Kombat Arts. Scott is an exellent instructor and he also takes time to show begginers whats going on. Check out the website

Where do you live?

Dufferin & Sheppard area. Work in Mississauga.

Good info and advice Kashk, Thanks.

Thanks Freefaller.

If you're at Dufferin/Sheppard, there is also the Impact Ctre at Hwy 7/Bathurst (Old Samurai Club). It's not BJJ as far as I know but you have both Joel Gerson and Tom Sharkey there. Tom Sharkey is on the police force and some cop friends of mine tell me he is well respected. I heard he went to Vietnam and was a bit psychotic. I was told that there are photos of him in Vietnam with him wearing a necklace of human ears. If that is true, I would have never had guessed that when I met him once. He came across as very calm and level headed. Since I've been out of the loop for a few years, I don't know how the Impact Centre is regarded anymore by the grappling community. Maybe somebody could comment. I know that their fees are fairly high.

If you live at Dufferin and Sheppard I humbly reccomend Karma. From your home you can take Sheppard to Arrow and Arrow/signet to Weston, Weston to Rowntree Dairy rd and Rowntree to Marycorft. We are at 190 Marycroft just off HWY 7. I think were also on your way from work to home. Email me at

Bravado Jiu-Jitsu is located in Woodbridge Check us out at

You're in the middle of everything my man!!! Shah's is very, very close, about 15 mins away. Rebellion ( both locations about 25 mins away ), Karma about 25 mins away, Bravodo about 30 mins away.

You're close to everything for sure.

That is what makes it difficult to decide! Nice problem to have.

try a free class

Can i have a free class?


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I checked out Impact centre. Very nice facility, sprung floor under mats, even the walls are padded. I watched Joel Gerson's class and it looked good but I am fairly new to grappling so I'm not able to comment on quality. Joel seems like a great guy. He focuses mainly on grappling but also incorporates Israeli self defense.

Tom Sharkey teaches "stand up" JJJ.

They are 2 separate programs. The fee's were something like EDITED a month for one program if you sign up for a year (I hate the 1 year contracts, would you get married just on the basis of one date even if you got laid?) Actually you get 3 free classes in any of the programs (there is also the traditional MA such as Kung Fu, TKD, Karate) and you can sign up for three months and it works out to about EDITED for each month.

Joel has 3 classes a week. Two formal ones (Mon. & Wed. 7-8:30) & a more informal one on Saturday.

At Karma we offer BJJ classes 6 days a week and Muay Thai 4 days a week ( you can train 7 days a week ), and the Muay Thai is free for all BJJers. Our rates are competitive with any quotes I've seen. Try a free class in BJJ,Muay Thai or both.

Monday BJJ gi 7-8pm and 815-930pm, AND WE WILL ADD
Tuesday Muay Thai 630-830pm, BJJ no-gi 830-10pm
Wedneday BJJ 12-130pm, BJJ gi 7-8pm and 815-930pm
Thursday Muay Thai 630-830 pm, No-gi BJJ 830-10pm
Friday BJJ 12-130pm, Muay Thai 630-830pm
Saturday BJJ 12-130pm
Sunday Muay Thai 11am-1pm.


I'm guessing the 7-8 is geared more for beginner? I sent you an email earlier. Your probably at the club now.

NewGrappler. Joel has been around for a long time so I wouldn't be worried about quality. Like some of these guys said already, you're pretty close to a lot of places so you can check them all out if you like. I used to live in your neck of the woods when I trained at the Impact Club when it was known as Samurai Club. I have some limited experience with ground grappling and if I can offer some friendly advice as a fellow beginner, I would suggest that you might want to settle on some place to learn the basics. Even if this means a one year marriage. Unless you're a natural, chances are you will get roughed up and get submitted by most of your training partners for several months. This phase is discouraging but you just have to persevere. When that day comes when you've developed sensitivity on the mat, it will be your turn to play big brother to a few people. I have been through this process myself but have been out of it for a few years so I consider myself a beginner again. Anyway, the point being that you may have to consider a semi-permanent situation if you're serious about learning the basics.