Best BJJ Mount

What BJJ instructor or competitor has the best mount techniques? Has the mount position taken a back seat to other ground positions such as knee on stomach?

i dont really like the mount in BJJ it seems to be only good for ground and  pound.

when i get mount, i try a few submissions that fail miserably and im forced to go to side control anyways, and i feel mor comfortable in side control and i feel like i can control my opponent better from there.

but im a baby whitebelt (just started in Novemeber) so i probly dont know what im talking about.


I'm been using the mount lately and apart from the armbar i suck at using it, i usually end up switching to side control

Rickson, Royce, Rorion and his kids seem to make an art from out of the mount alone. Once they get it, it is rare for anyone to escape. They usually finish people with basic subs from there because the guy gets tired or sloppy from trying to unsuccessfully escape.

The Gracie's are great once mounted. Watching Roger Gracie get mount on terere and tap him from there at the last mundial was very impressive. I dont think terere has ever tapped, even in losses to bigger guys like jacare. And with victories against guys like pe de pano, marcello garcia, bj penn, and having Roger's back at one point in that match, his BJJ is on another level.

Didn't Werdum tap out Terere at the last mundials?

Mount is actually much harder to get out from than crossides - once you put in a lot of time trying to work the pressure, kill the arms, crossface and work out counters against common escapes...´+ triple attacks high and will be unstoppable :)

If you can´t keep a mount in bjj on someone - could you really consider yourself a decent bjj fighter?

True... true...

Werdum did not tap out Terere at Mundials 2004, but I believe Jacare DID tap him out at Pam Ams.

no, Jacare won on points against Terrere at the Pan Ams (I am pretty sure).

both saulo and xande have excellent mounts and they are impossible to escape.

But Saulo shows how to escape the mount on his new DVD...? :)


I would hafta agree on Saulo and Xande also. I felt both of their mounts and they are amazingly tight. you waste so much energy trying to escape that they have you as soon as you let up for just a millisecond. just as Saulo says on his DVDs, the hips are key


Terere is claustrophobic and Roger was actually trying to get him to tap just from the pressure with his mount, when that didn't work he had to choke him. ;)

a clasutrophobic jiu-jitsu champion?

Yeah, why do you think he went so mental on that plane? One of my instructors said he was claustrophobic for years after he started BJJ.