Best BJJ or MMA gym in Athens, Greece?

SUp. Planning on spending some time in Athens greece next year. WHats the best either bjj or mma gym in athens that would be best for a westerner training there? Cheers.

Medusa BJJ

Malaka MMA

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Watch out for the rear naked oil checks! They’re different over there if you catch my drift.

OP, do they grapple naked and lubed up? Is that why you’re moving?

Can I get a legit answer please? I know youre all attracted to me here. But this isnt the time or place for flirting. I need information.

Greek jokes don’t work anymore. The amount of transgender lady boys in 2022 America puts ancient Athens to shame.

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pancreas gyms should be easy to find


Is that code for drug dealer?

Pankration, pancrase is a brand like the UFC