Best BJJ Teaching Analogies

What are some of the best teaching analogies you've heard over the course of your training that have helped you?

For creating space on the bottom before you escape:

"Paint Shaker Hips"

Thank you, Matt Thornton.

"Flow with the Go...."

"Twist his head off like a coke bottle top"
-Eric Paulson, referring to the crooked head scissors

"Ride'em Cowboy"

"It's a neck crank...and if his mouth is open, it's also a choke."

Erik Paulson, referring to a neck crank from a High Mount position.


Mike in L.A.

"You're only as good as your training partners"
-Jared Weiner

"They are two ways to escape a triangle, you either tap out or pass out"! - Rey Diogo

Told in the cool brazilian / american way at the seminar in gothenburg sweden during 2005!

After i heard that i had to master that skill! *LoL still working on it!

Ummm, not to come off as a prick, but here is the definition of an analogy.

Main Entry: anal·o·gy
Pronunciation: &-'na-l&-jE
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -gies
1 : inference that if two or more things agree with one another in some respects they will probably agree in others
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synonym see LIKENESS

That said, my one of my faves (that I rarely say anymore) has to do with posturing from within a closed guard. "Bring your hips in tight! Like you're trying to @#$! him!"

my first teacher was notorious for animal analogies --

'you have to arch your back like a cat'
describing posture for breaking open someone's guard

'you have to shrink your neck, don't make it long like a giraffe'
describing escape for collar choke

'hold him tight like an octopus, you're hugging your girlfriend!'
getting angry & reaming the entire class for lack of effort

'he sat on me like an elephant'
complaining about much larger opponent's stalling tactic

'so & so is an arm shark'
describing an armlock hungry student

"When in the guard posture and look up like a proud lion"

joe mo uses the snake analogy which i like better than the shrimp analogy judo uses i think kazeka muniz uses a alligator analogy and iver heard others

for SG 'judo turtle of doom' is my fav for the go to positon when in danger zone

for MMA 'ninja shrimp' or ninja ruas strat for shrimp escape on bottom

"Drop your hips to the mat like you're doing your old lady!"

...was once shouted to me in a PanAms match by a fellow teamate...

its like sex without a condom, sure it feels good but its just not safe

Jacare has so many that we want to write a book called Jacare's Proverbs.

He starts all of them saying: Like we say in Brazil....

Some of his more entertaining ones are:

when refereing to the benefit of having local Tournaments: have to eat the Sardine before you can eat the shark.

Another in reference to taking your time and not spazzing out when you are rolling: .....You don't drink the soup from the middle of the bowl or you will get drink from the edge.



that was from Renzo, right?

I thought I had heard him say that about crossing your feet when you have someone's back.