Best Black Sabbath documentary?

Anybody? Phone Post 3.0

That's a good one Phone Post 3.0

In, love some Sabbath. Phone Post 3.0

There really isn't a great one.

The best thing you can do is read Martin Popoff's "Doom Let Loose".

It covers everything until the reunion of the Heaven and Hell line-up a few years ago. Every album, every song. A lot of information for the Sabbath fanatic.

Meaning all the mud-slinging, drug tales, the humble beginnings and rise to fame with Ozzy, to the waning popularity at the end of the 70's.

It also details the 80's stuff: The return to commercial and artistic success with Dio, the Spinal Tap moments from the Born Again tour, Tony's intended solo album "Seventh Star", the Tony Martin years, the reunions, etc.

Amazing read.

Sounds like a great read, thanks for the tip.

I listened to the first half of the new album last night, I couldn't believe how good it is. Phone Post 3.0