Best bourbon available at most bars and liquor stores, not expensive

What’s yours?

Knob Creek?

What’s your go to?

basil hayden is popular and available pretty much anywhere. dive bars probably not

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Old Grand-Dad Bonded.

Woodford Reserve & Maker’s are safe bets for $2-3 more. 0


Also, Four Roses Yellow Label at as low as $15 at 750ml is very solid as an old fashioned whiskey…

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I like all of them… Most bourbons taste great to me and choice depends more on me wanting something sweeter or not (or what’s available South of the equator) .

If I have to rank those choices tonight:

  • KC
  • Makers
  • Woodford
  • WT

Indeed. A handle of WT 101 is a staple in my home bar.

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Good call on the Old Grand Dad. Same distillery as Pappy.

OGD is Beam. Pappy is Sazerac/Buffalo Trace.

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I’m a fan of Bulliet.


Blanton’s is my goto.


You don’t have a bar and probably dont have a home foh twink

My work bar has over 300 whiskeys and my home bar has over 350 bottles. Try again.


Lol he’s a PROFESSIONAL bartender, I believe he even has some published works on the matter, a leftist kook, sure, but he can sling a drink and knows his spirits

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What do you expect from this September’s crop other than pathetic cries for attention?

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Boom roasted

I guess Woodford. But I’m prone to knock back some WT and kick the night in the dick

Been here 22 years.fresh off a suspension

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Hes a barmaid. I know the type. Pushing 50 but wearing skinny Jeans in a desperate attempt to fit in with the younger downtown hipster crowd. Sleeve full of koi fish and gay ass flowers.probably did some unspeakable shit to get published .

Eagle rare

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